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RHO Design is primarily geared for mechanical and systems design with an eye toward a variety of motor sport areas. Areas of experience include:

  • 3D/2D Mechanical design (ACAD, SolidWorks)
  • Design for manufacturing
  • High speed automation
  • Visual inspection systems
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Dynamic process simulation
  • Software and MMI engineering
  • The occasional web page

Design Services

Several 911 interior trim and functional parts are currently in design or finished. These parts are primarily aluminum cover plates for various body holes in dedicated track vehicles. Simple, cheap, and effective for track rats/racers on a budget. Everything is thoroughly tested on the test mule before offered to others.

Project 911 Update

The Parts Pan... Rings and Ring Landing Bits

The major project under way is the engine rebuild of an 1982 ROW Porsche 911 SC.

With the tear down complete and the carnage revealed, almost all of the parts needed for the rebuild have been acquired. The first round of assembly is finished and the case has been sealed. Next up, heads and cam towers.Porsche

Project Bug Update

Project Bug

The second project is the VW New Beetle. Driving this car daily is a joy. Working on it is not half bad either. The new Ansa exhaust is very enjoyable and after an excellent experience with 2 days at the track with the PCA all is right in the world. Volkswagen

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