VW VF Motor Mount Install: Part 1
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Engine/Transmission Mount Failure

Driver's Side Mounts

Passenger's Side Mounts

While coasting down the road the shift knob would move significantly combined with a low frequency 'THUMP' when the gas is re-applied. This just started to happen and is slowly getting worse. General consensus was a failed engine mount. It would not be the Dog Bone mount as that one has already been replaced with one from VF Engineering.
VF Engineering

Seen here are both the driver's side and passenger side replacement mounts by VF Engineering and the OEM mounts side by side. Cursory inspection of the OEM mounts showed that they were very flexible and no tears or cracks were seen. Overall, there is not a noticeable weight difference between the VF mounts and the OEM mounts though the VF mounts felt slightly lighter. They certainly look better!

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