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New Beetle GLS 1.8T 5 Speed

VW Front Quarter
Front Quarter Shot

The new daily driver is an ex-European Car 1.8T Challenge car. The car was built in 2003 from a MY 2000 GLS for the magazine contest. The list of modifications is extensive. I purchased the car in October 2005 from a nice fellow in NJ and drove it back to my home in FL. The drive down was a good way to get familliar with the car. Though, I must say that the roads from N. Carolina throught most of Georgia suck when riding in a car that enjoys a highly lowered suspension. My kidneys were having an unpleasant time for most of three states!

The PO left me a month or more of XM and it was a life saver on the trip down. I may yet subscribe as my favorite radio station now plays David Lee Roth in the morning and he just does not cut it.

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