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...And there goes the water pump: 5/06

On my way to work the car began to overheat. Luckily, I was passing my home street so I pulled it into the driveway and did some basic diagnostics. Nothing worked and I let it sit for a week while I was on vacation. Monday, I returned from my break and drove it up to the shop. Scuderia Silvestri

Sure enough, one broken impeller. Along the way I had them change all the belts and the timing belt. Good thing too, the timing had jumped a tooth and the tensioner had all but failed! After all is said and done, the car is much better now and drives very very smoothly.

Reworking the suspension: 2/06

New Front Suspension
New Rear Suspension

Suspension rework was the latest thing. The Weitec coil over set was a nice touch to this car, but the drop was just too much and caused the following problems:

  • Tire rub on the front fender inside (235/40/18s) just a little bit
  • Look out for speed bumps or you may be looking for a new exhaust system
  • Any steep rise or dip had me worried about bottoming out

It should have been an easy thing with a coil over setup to simply raise the car 0.5"-1.0". But... nothing in life is easy or cheap. My wrench rang me and said he could not get the adjuster nut to move, even with a 6' pipe. It was just too corroded.

I decided to put in all new struts/shocks and springs. Here is what went in to the car:

Problems encountered included having to source several OEM suspension parts that were removed to put in the coil overs in front. Troublesome and expensive, but I'll get a more streetable and drivable car rather than a slammed show car.

Additionally, a professional alignment should make the car feel more planted. For being so low, with a coil over setup to boot, the car did not feel very stable in the corner or at speed. In fact, I unintentionally over steered a few times and in a front drive car that is an unusual and surprising event.

New Shoes: 11/05

When I got the car it was about out of rubber. The size on the car was 225/40/18. The side wall of the tire was angled in toward the center of the tire significantly. So much so I believe that it was having a negative effect on the handling of the vehicle. So I posted on VW Vortex and was told that the next size up, 235/40/18 would fit fine. Tirerack

Problem was I forgot about the big brake kit on the front of the car. This necessitated the addition of a spacer and that pushed the rim out just enough that the new tires rubbed the inner fender lip. Since the fenders are plastic I could not simply roll the fender as I would most other cars. The rubbing inspired the next bit of work on the car above.

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