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Engine/Transmission Mount Failure: 9/06

Driver's Side Mount Courtesy of VF Engineering

Passenger's Side Mount Courtesy of VF Engineering

While coasting down the road the shift knob would move significantly combined with a low frequency 'THUMP' when the gas is re-applied. This just started to happen and is slowly getting worse. General consensus was a failed engine mount. It would not be the Dog Bone mount as that one has already been replaced with one from VF Engineering VF Engineering

Both the driver's side and passenger side replacement mounts by VF Engineering were ordered from ECS. ECS Tuning

See the install write up here: VF Mounts Install

Non Moving Violations Part II: 7/06

Install was very easy and I found a great spot for the ignighter/ballast block. After moving the fender liner they will tuck very nicely up under the front fender and mount right on the frame rail. The kit comes with nice mounting frames for the units and they will bolt right in through a factory hole. Putting the main equipment outside of the engine bay serves two very good purposes: keeps heat exposure to a minimum and finding space in the engine compartment is troublesome on the passenger side.

See the full install write up HID Install

Ticket was paid...

Non Moving Violations: 6/06

One tries to be good when driving at night by dimming ones bright's to oncoming traffic. Of course if one of your low beams is out and the oncoming car is a trooper things get unpleasant.. *sigh* $49.95 if fixed with in 30 days; $75 if not. Typically not a big deal to replace a bulb.

However, nothing in life is easy. The car has some unbranded HID kit installed. The light will come on for about 30 seconds after the car is initially turned on. I have been all over the ignighters and ballasts looking for a part number or something to identify the manufacturer. No luck.

So I have purchased a whole new kit from GoHID

Installation and results will follow the week of the 4th of July.

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