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More Exhaust Work: 2/07

Rust had finally eaten through the section of pipe just after the CAT and separated at the flange bolted to the CAT. A quick quote had a replacement CAT on the schedule for $750+. A stop at VW also indicated that the current CAT was not OEM.

Midas was able to tell exactly what was needed in parts from Autozone: 1 Header Collector and 1 Reducer Pipe. For $30 in parts, $12 in tools, and a few hours of work beating everything into submission much $ was saved. Now the car is as quiet as a bug as opposed to literally deafening. The Ansa exhaust is very quiet now which means that the pipe must have been on its' way out prior to installing the new muffler. The car is very much a sleeper now.

Major Work: 12/06

Every time the car is raised new items are found in need of repair. While under the car for the last project it was observed that 3 of the 4 CV boots had split. The passenger outside boot had split longitudinally and severed the ABS brake sensor wire along with spewing CV grease all over the inner wheel rim. Without knowing the condition of the axles, both were sent out to be rebuilt. To add insult to injury, the muffler hanger disintegrated in a pile of rust on the way to the shop. Fortunately, a spare used dual tip Ansa was in the attic and begged to be installed. Additional work: new pads in front, tire rotation, oil change.

New O2 Sensor for Air/Fuel Gage: 11/06

Old broken sensor wire and new replacement

The Air/Fuel ration gage had been acting up recently and not displaying a constant level and finally stopped all movement. A glance under the car revealed that there was a wire hanging loose under the car. The wire running from the connector to the O2 sensor had separated at the base of the sensor. There was no repair possible and a new one was needed and ordered from the local speed shop, Murray's Speed and Custom. A simple operation of lifting the car and replacing the broken part once it was delivered fixed the gage pod. Murray's Speed and Custom

New VF Dog bone Bushings: 10/06

This was quite easy. Raise car, remove pendulum mount, clean and remove broken bushings, install new bushings, and reinstall mount.

See the install write up here: VF Pendulum Bushing Fix

Droplets After Oil Change: 10/06

After an oil change there were some drops on the pavement below the car. Under the area where the engine of each car rests is an office chair mat that helps prevent undue staining of the pavers. It is very easy to clean and also helps indicate when there is something amiss weeping from the engine. It is easy to clean and determine if the issue has been fixed.

Crawling under the car there appeared to be some seepage from the oil filter so it was tightened. No leakage from the oil plug was observed. However, once under the car it is good to take a look around and determine if further maintenance will be needed on any other parts. Sadly, the CV Boot has separated from transmission side. It appears to have ripped cleanly off from the flange.

Additionally, while generally cleaning up road grime form the under carriage and parts a broken bushing was found. This was the center bushing for the VF Pendulum mount. It appears to have split and squeezed out of the carrier. A call to VF Engineering has a complete set of new bushings on the way for a mere $10.

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