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Motor Sport Services

RHO Motor Sport Services is designed to support the local Club racer, visiting Club driver, or first time driver's ed attendee at the race track. It could be a single high performance driver's ed day or a full race weekend where service and support can be provided. Example services may be:

  • Unload/load your car from your transport
  • Lap timing and scoring
  • Spotting
  • Pit fueling and services for mini-enduros
  • Tire changes between sessions
  • Brake bleeding between sessions
  • Get the car through the tech/scales line
  • Get you lunch from the track shack
  • Clean up and load up your equipment
  • Anything else you need us to do

Effectively, we'll be your pit slaves for the day/weekend. Pricing is very resonable and based on a full days work (7am to 7pm), overnights required, and number of hands required. Local tracks:

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