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I needed a new car. I had sold the 900 Turbo SPG months earlier and was commuting via foot from my bed to the 'study', a 10 square foot area in the corner of the living room in my 1 bedroom apartment in DC. So whilst writing code I calmly surfed the internet looking for a new car. I had a deal running with a friend for a maxed out brand spaankin' new Eagle Talon, but it really was out of my budget...

So I surfed and I stumbled upon a 914... Hrmnnnnn now that would be fun I thought. So I began looking into 914's in earnest and got focused on finding a decent 2.0. Good ones (no rot) were running $4-7k and that was a good range for me. I was looking one day and stumbled on an '82 911SC for $10k. A 911...

Now that was a car! I had never even considered a 911 as a possibility. 944s I considered and then tossed the idea as I just find them... well... ugly. Great and fast car... but ugly. I called the gent and asked if I could come by and take a look. Things just didn't work out and weeks Eventually the gent returned my calls and told me that he had desided not to sell the car.

Time passed and I chose to move back to Boston. I was leaving to start a new job and scheduled a flight for early Monday. Mid day on Friday I get a call from the gent and he says he wants to sell the car now, as in that day and he'll let it go for $2k less. He needed the $$ as he was off to Arizona to collect a new Viper GTS. I jump on it and tell him I'll be out tomorrow for a test drive and with check. I figured, even if it needed a new motor it was still a decent deal (this was back in '98). So I drove the car and it definately needed a trans refresh, but the engine was good and a compression test yielded good numbers. So we swapped cash and title.

And that's how I came into Porsche-dom.

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