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Porsche 911: The first love

There is nothing like driving the most recognizable automobile in the world. Quickly coming into its 5th decade the shape of the Porsche 911 may have changed, but it's classic lines will forever be known.

The example presented here is a 1982 911 SC ROW (Rest Of World) edition. Purchased in the summer of 1997, this car needed work! The car has had a few paint jobs. Most recently, perhaps, Midnight Blue. The job was so poorly done that the hood is completely cracked. There are drip marks in a few places, over spray here and there, and only the exterrior was done. Orriginal color was a Strawberry Red Metalic. On the driver's door there was an area just below the window that was almost cut to bare metal. Apparently, in the past, someone had had their name painted there...

Finding a gear in the transmission was an adventure. 1st and 2nd were OK, but you never knew if you made 3rd untill the clutch was on its way out and the car moved or didn't. 4th, 5th, and reverse were sloppy, but usable.

The interrior had a cheaper aftermarket replacement with incorrect rear pannels from and early or mid-year car. All in all it was very workable outside of the cherry red leather seats that had been badly re-dyed black. No rips though. The dash was intact with no cracks, but minus a pristine center vent.

The bright spot on the car was in the engine bay. A well running 930/10 9.8:1 3.0l engine.

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