3.0l Engine Rebuild
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Early Diagnosis

It's a small leak... really...

This car was a daily driver in Florida for a year after sitting in storage over two winters in upstate NY. It would idle rough for the first few minutes and then be fine.

To the right we see the exhaust side of #3 completely covered in caked up oil and road grime. It was well hidden by the heat exchanger and engine sheet metal. Initially it was thought that the oil pipe had possibly come loose, but this was not the case.

Cold Leakdown Test

A cold leak down was performed with input pressure set at 100 psi to help start the diagnosis. Warm would have been better, but the car would not turn over (a good thing it did not):

  • #1 - 7% (93 psi)
  • #2 - 6% (94 psi)
  • #3 - 100% (0 psi)
  • #4 - 10% (90 psi)
  • #5 - 6% (94 psi)
  • #6 - 4% (96 psi)

Obviously there is a leak in #3... The rest look to be in decent shape as the test was done cold and the values should be slightly higher than a warm test. Still, 100% leakage is just a little disconcerting. No air sound came out of the exhaust or the intake which left the case as the only way the air would find a path to escape. With such dire results there really was no choice, but to tear the whole thing down and see what has happened.

Exhaust Removal Revalations

Obviously much oil was escaping through the exhaust valve

After rmoving the exhaust system a much better look at the engine underside could be had. The #3 bank is very messy here. The nut connecting the oil line was tight.

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