3.0l Engine Rebuild
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Case Cleaning: Hot Soak

Case after hot tanking

Little Bits of RTV all over the case internals

The case was resonably dirty and was sent out to be hot tanked. It came back with quite a bit of scale and build up on the outside while the inside was virtually spotless. It appears that the porus casting surfaces had some kined of issue in teh tank while the machined surfaces cleaned up very nicely.

Several hours of elbow grease finished prepping the case for the next round of cleaning just before reassembly.

Case Cleaning: soda Blast

Case after Soda Blasting

The case was not in any condition to be used after the hot soak so it was taken to a Soda Blaster. Soda Blasting uses backing soda instead of media or another more abrasive material. In addition to being a softer abrasive that will not damage any of the bearing or sealing surfaces, Soda is water soluable. This makes cleanup a very easy task. Simply use a pressure washer or high pressure hose nozel and the material comes right out and or off. the results are great as seen to the right. Care must be taken that the steel studs do not rust and the case drys quickly. Use of dry compressed air does a great job of drying the case.

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