3.0l Engine Rebuild
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Complete Oil Pump Cleaning

Oil Pump...

...completely disassembled

After the first round of case cleaning, the oil pump was completely disassembled and cleaned. Small bits of RTV were removed as well as some oil residue. Make sure to indicate on both sets of pump gears the exact mating surfaces that match up. These surfaces have been meeting each other for several thousand revolutions and have ground themselves into a matching set. The pump was reassembled and tested for smooth rotation. It was sprayed with WD40 and zip locked for storage.

Injector Rehab: 1

Typical inject block

Typical injector

The fuel delivery systems needed an overhaul starting with the injectors. The 6 injectors will be sent out with an additional 3 injectors for a complete cleaning. Data on all 9 will be compared to make a closely matched set.

No surface was sacred and RTV is liberally present on the intake pipes. The intake pipes are all caked with a combination of oil, fuel, and carbon residues. Each pipe will be media blasted and cleaned with a wire brush. Then the pipes will be buffed and powder coated clear or silver to finish a very nice stock look.

Injector Rehab: 2

Typical inject block

The injectors were taken to The Injector Clinic and saerviced. Results were as follows:

The intake pipes were media blasted to clean them up. New injector sleves and o-rings were installed to give the rehabed injectors a good home.

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