3.0l Engine Rebuild
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Right chain area shows considerable application of RTV Silicone

Cam Carrier with unbelievable RTV application

After removing the intake and surrounding sheet metal, the chain covers were accessible. Removal of the covers revealed a horror not seen by man or wrench before! RTV Silicone was spread so thick around the sealing surfaces and gasket that it had pooled in the bottom of the chain housing at over 1/8" deep behind the chain tensioner.

Whom ever was responsible for this ghastly deed obviously did not know what they were doing. It is inadvisable to use RTV to seal in addition to the OEM gasket. There are other, better, sealents that are specifically designed to work with supplied gaskets such as those in place on the chan covers. The left side was just as bad as the right (shown).

After the chain covers, housings, and cam bolts were removed the cam carriers were taken off and true idiocy was revealed. No one knew that RTV came in a spray on can! It is surprising that the engine ran as long as it did with such an amount of unprofessional work done. Right and left cam carriers had the same treatment of RTV. Pelican Parts Thread on RTV

The cams and rockers were fine with little to no pitting on the wear surfaces. They appear not to need reconditioning and as long as the rockers are replaced from whence they came all should be well.

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