3.0l Engine Rebuild
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Cylinder Inspection

#3 Internals exposed

#3 Internals exposed

Looking down the bore there appears to be no internal damage to the cylinder walls. The piston top also appears to be undamaged. The valve imprint was caused during the cam carrier removal and not during engine operation.

Honing marks can still be seen on most of the cylinder walls indicating good wear. This is encouraging.

Sealing Surface Scaring

Scarring on outer sealing surface

Unfortunatly, it appears that the outer sealing surface has been previously scarred by a loose seal ring on 2 of the cylinders. This area cannot be machined as it must align in height with the inner surface. The inner surface is plated with Nikasil and if machined will chip at the edges. If the surfaces are machined, in addition to plating issues, the seal grove must be reworked to the propper depth. All in all, it is easier to purchase correct height replacements either new or used.

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